There's also other very talented Cast and Crew that have been involved so far - sadly too many to mention them all here, but this gives you a flavour.

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Claire Lacey plays Caroline, Jeremy's wife. Claire has an eclectic background in British television, independent filmmaking and theatre, including as Mrs Wentworth in Mr Lincoln the Butcher, Lady McDuff in Macbeth​ and Lady Bracknell in the stage version of The Importance of Being Earnest.

Jarrod Ball plays the Soldier 1. He comes with his colleague to visit Jeremy and becomes more than a witnesses to the escalating events. Jarrod has recently been in a lot of stage productions but also the short film S.W.A.T. and the music video It's Your Love.

Shaun Mendum plays Harry, the 17-year-old son of Jeremy and Caroline. Shaun has experience of both stage and screen, but also is a successful ballet dancer and has in fact been in a recent Bollywood film. In Game Day his feet are rather more firmly on the ground, with the serious role of Harry, as he finds himself victim of the brutal regime.

The Cast

Steve Clark is the Editor. He's a very established editor of TV documentaries both in the UK and US as well as several independent feature length dramas and multi-award winning short films. For more information, please see:

Kwame Bentil plays the intimidating Soldier 2. Kwame has been in a plethora of independent films and shorts such as Father, Oscar and Me and The Receptionist and Emigrant, along with various commercials and stage roles including Mark in The Dream​.

Chris Roberts is the Writer and Director. He's come from an award-winning background of editing broadcast TV documentaries and drama-documentaries, before making the move into directing drama. More information about him and his back-catalogue of work can be found

Stephen McGann is a very recognisable actor to millions for his regular role as Dr. Turner in the internationally popular series ​Call the Midwife. 

This builds from a history of roles in British television, including the long running character of Sean Reynolds in Emmerdale. Stephen plays the main character, Jeremy, in Game Day.

The Crew

Jennah Dirksen is the Producer. She's moved from LA to UK, with over 10 years experience in film/TV development. During that time she worked for extremely successful Hollywood companies such as Ridley Scott/Tony Scott's Scott Free Productions and AMC Networks (who commissioned the extremely popular series Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Walking Dead).

Sashi Kissoon is the Cinematographer. He rose through the camera department on television and feature dramas, including Hollywood films, and now, as a Director of Photography, has a string of award-winning short films under his belt, as well as the very well-received independent feature film "Stalled", and also various commercial short-forms. For more information, please see: and

Orla Sanders plays the government Android, who administers the Game. Orla is a stage and screen actress who has also recently been in the critically acclaimed Living Between Lies, which she has been co-producing as part of the Underfoot Theatre Company.

Eleni Kariori is the Production Designer. She lives in Athens, Greece and came over for this project. She has worked in various roles within the Art Department on numerous stage productions and short films, including Nephenthes​ and Menta and Forerever Young, which was in the TMFF May Selection.