A short video by the Writer/Director, explaining more about him, the crew, his vision for Game Day and a brief explanation of the Teaser Viral Video

Pitch Video for "Game Day" - A short film which we will be filming later in the year.

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GAME DAY is a science fiction short film, which explores a possible future.

This video is a short piece by the Writer/Director, who explains more about him, the crew, his vision for Game Day and gives a little explanation about the Teaser Viral Video, which can be seen, along with more information, here:

Society has collapsed.

A new justice emerges... Fair. Radical. Brutal.

Guide Image for Comparative Illustration. (c) Marvel Entertainment,
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Dir. Anthony & Joe Russo

Guide Image for Comparative Illustration. London Riots 2011.

Photographer unknown



An infomercial film for an extremist party of the future, who will ultimately rise to power and govern England. They will bring about the new system, known as Game Day.

​​GAME DAY is a science-fiction short film, which follows the thrilling story of Jeremy coming face to face with a mysterious, totalitarian system.

It follows Jeremy's personal journey as he tries to escape the brutal fairness of the system, and explores what then happens to him and his family.

The film reflects on the very real issue of social inequality and the disenfranchised and warns of a radicalised future if this isn't addressed.

Prior to the short film being shot, it was crowd-funded. As part of this we made a viral teaser film - a fictional video by the NeoSocial Party - who later rise to power as the authoritarian government who deliver the 'Game Day'.

Below you can see the Director's Introduction as part of the crowd-funding, the Neo Social Party viral, and concept art created before filming began...


Guide Image for Comparative Illustration (c) 20th century Fox, Avatar, Dir. James Cameron

​​It is meant to make life fair for all its citizens.

But as 40 year old Jeremy prepares to find out his fate, the grim reality of it unfolds...​

London in the near future.

After global economic collapse far worse than any seen before, it triggers decades of riots.

The old government is thrown out - and the new ruling party brings in a radical new system.​

The film is a tale of intrigue and suspense with some of the

slick futurism found in

Prometheus and Avatar - and thought-provoking nature akin to the Black Mirror and Dark Knight.

The storyboards above depict part of Jeremy's horrifying choices and the desperate measures to save his family from their brutal fate.

The film promises a gripping intrigue. It deftly keeps the viewer hooked with just enough information as it weaves through a stunning personal drama, culminating in a shocking climax.

Once finished, the short film will be entered for competition into the worldwide festival circuit.

It will also provide an exciting opening into a world that we intend to explore further in a long form - either as a Feature Film or a TV Series. We'll be fully developing this once the short film has been completed. Anyone interested in discussing the potential long-form should contact: